Come Around


I know how you feel, man
You’re down to a crawl
You feel like cashin’ in all your chips
But this is the deal, man
The world is a ball
You got to cop the occasional eclipse

The darkness is scary
But it’s just temporary
I hope that you hunger to soak up the sun
‘cos it won’t be long until it’s

Come around, come around
In time you’ll feel her fire climbin’ to a higher ground
It may seem like the end of days
But it’s only a solar phase
Come around, come around, come around.

You fall out of favour
And one day you find
They don’t even know you’ve gone to sleep
You’re yesterday’s flavour
Then you’re beggared and blind
Then you’re stuck in a bed with a tiny machine going “beep… beep… beep… beep…”

Total aphasia
We should euthanase ya!
But only a mug’d be tuggin’ that plug
‘Cos it won’t be long until you

Come around, come around
When they resuscitate ya – then they’re gonna make ya renowned:
You’re the Man That Came Out Of The Cold!
In the Tent That Refused To Fold!
Come around, come around, come around.

Listen up, Michael
It’s all part of the cycle
Lovin’ the throng when they say you belong
But you’ve got to be strong when they give you the gong
And they’ll see that they’re wrong by the strength of your song
And it won’t be long until they

Come around, come around
Yeah, you might well flounder but baby you’re bound to rebound
So call up everybody you know
And tell ‘em “It’s a hell of a show!
Come around, come around, come around.”

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