A Place In Your Heart

Here’s the notion: A song about trying to find a spot for your car in Melbourne’s CBD, and how much it feels like unrequited love. I like this lyric, but it’s not long on funny. In “Evening” it was beautifully delivered by Aurora Kurth; here I’ve gone octaviering, ‘cos the pitch-shifted high one was bugging me. So it’s not exactly the demo, but it’s just as badly recorded as if it were – it’s a win/win scenario!

A Place In Your Heart

I’ve been cursed since you first drew me close to your chest
And the spin deep within was the bliss of the blessed
Just one simple request you decline:
that a place in your heart could be mine.

I’ve been towed down each road by my gullible trust
Thinking you would be true and the world would be just
I believed that you must be benign –
and a place in your heart would be mine.

Now my soul won’t be bound
to a cold underground
It’s too heavy a levy down there
So from pillar to post
I keep chasing the ghost
Of a chance that you’ll answer my prayer

Yeah, I foolishly fuel ev’ry horrible slight
Round the clock and the block in perpetual flight
On the fancy I might see a sign
that a place in your heart would be mine.

Many times I have dreamed
That my faith is redeemed
I retreat into sweet fantasy
Where each alternate lot
Has a parallel plot
That you tend and surrender to me…

Then I wake and I ache to be counted with those
who’ll defend to the end your indifferent pose
I’m a fool, heaven knows, to divine
that a place in your heart could be mine,
that a place in your heart could be mine.

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