Continuing in a Latinish vein out of “Redfern”, but picking the mood up a little. There was never a demo version of “Mabo” – I scribbled a rudimentary chord chart, took it into a Belvoirs rehearsal and we went from there.

There’s a tale I heard
Of an island man
Tough and undeterred, he said “Haven’t you heard?
This land – our land!”

“We belong”
That’s what the High Court said
So when you sing this song, you gotta sing it for Ed.
For Eddie.

BAND: Ready!


For the Meriam people
It was very unequal
Was it totally legal? Oh no!


Native title
It’s alive and vital
Speak the truth and make it so!

And if we follow this philosophy
Demand a land beyond compare
Then girt by faith and generosity
We’ll all combine to redefine a beauty rich and rare
In joyful strains then let us sing…

ALL: Advance Australia…

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