This had actually been sitting around for a year or so, but it always seemed like the opening song of a show, for obvious reasons. It opened Northcote Country Soul, which was largely a show about Melbourne, Australia. (Tullamarine is Melbourne’s international airport.)


I haven’t slept in twenty-seven hours
So excuse me if I’m talking like a freak
But the altitude has drained me of my powers
The power to stand
the power to think
and the power to speak
See, I’ve eaten all the peanuts I can handle
As I watched the airplane inch across the screen
Now I ease my bloated feet into my sandals
So fasten your belts
Final approach

I have nothing to declare except psychosis
You can check the excess baggage under my eyes
I’ve got veins with 40 fathoms of thrombosis
had too many beers
to ward off the fears
and I apologise
But I’m still the drowsy driver in the passport
though the Casey in the photograph is clean
and coming back to Melbourne would have been his last thought
it took him a year
to boomerang here

    And when I left this town, my dreams were full of passion
    My bank account was broad and full of bread
    Now my only dream is of a couch that I can crash on
    And VISA? VISA must surely want me dead!

Some of you might think that it’s outrageous
that a lucky guy like me should moan and sneer
But it seems to me I live my life in stages
and every beginning and every end is set right here
It’s just like Groundhog Day, and I’m Bill Murray
and I’m waking up to face the same routine
so I’m sorry once again, but I must hurry
‘cos my bags are going round and round
and round and round
and round on the machine
and I’m feeling uncertain
and sullen and mean
opening curtain
opening scene

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