This was the first song written and recorded specifically for the Drowsy Drivers project – the first song on the first disc to boot – and was conceived as a paean to the drug dealers who used to wander up and down Smith Street, Collingwood, whistling and hissing at passers-by out of the sides of their mouths: “Are ya chasin’?” They’re mostly gone now, of course, as Smith Street begins the slow process of morphing into Brunswick Street (just as Brunswick Street, in turn, devolves into Lygon Street). Cafe Bohemio made a brief return, then disappeared permanently. Ah, the memories! Ah, the olden days! Ah, shut up!


in old autumn evenings, we both felt the heat
your nose used to peel in the glaze
and asphalt was soft under young lovers’ feet
as they ducked down the street to their favourite cafes

and though daylight savings has vanished like you
I still walk down Smith Street to see
the ghosts of our loving that soak the place through
they lurk in the doorways and whisper to me

Are you chasing a rainbow or chasing a storm?
Are you chasing a chance that slipped by?
Are you chasing your youth in pursuit of the truth?

well, man, I’m just chasing, but I don’t know why.

I still think of Ana, remember Ramon
the Café Bohemio crew
it ain’t the same sangria now that they’re gone
and I don’t feel like stopping to drink without you

and I know that someday I’ll make a fresh start
tonight’s too far gone to begin
the cold breezes blow through a hole in my heart
and I hear them whistle as the winter sets in

Are you chasing a dragon or chasing a dove?
Are you chasing a dream that fell through?
Are you chasing the sun for the love of someone?

well, man, I’m just chasing, what else can I do?

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