My propensity for writing material at the last minute probably met its match in this 2009 cabaret, where the band (the Duskbuskers) had to cope with several numbers flying at them at the last moment. Indeed, the first time we all played together was the tech rehearsal before opening night, which is not ideal. Still, the musicians involved (bassist David Abiuso, sparkling chanteuse Aurora Kurth and cellist/pianist/melodianist extraordinaire Iain Grandage) rose admirably to the task – and Iain also co-wrote a few of the songs with me, an experiment I’d like to repeat when we both have a little more time. Conceptually, it was a journey from twilight to late-at-night, and a blind journey into the mysterious world known as “a relationship”; in reality, it was far too rushed an experience for its own good, but it’s always nice to play music with good folks and fine performers – and I’m fond of a number of the show’s songs.

01) Top Of The Evening
02) Liveable
03) A Place In Your Heart
04) The Gas And The Grill
05) In The Dark
06) The ABC Of Love
07) Down To The Dregs
08) Southern Star
09) The Verandah
10) Show, Don’t Tell

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