Interröbang Cartel

From the official website:

Founded on Usenet in April of 2003 by Jacob Haller, Interröbang Cartel is the world’s first and greatest international Internet punk band, or perhaps it’s a zydeco or New Wave band. No one’s really sure. In any case, humorous posturing by the various band members eventually led to people actually writing songs, and (wonder of wonders) recording them.

The band now has two full albums and a couple half-completed albums, a total of 5+ hours of music and rising. Musical styles are all over the map. Sometimes, one song gets recorded with two different melodies, or in a few cases, winds up with two incompatible sets of lyrics. No biggie. It’s song fighting. Musical stone soup. It’s everyone contributing a little something to the artistic pot or taking what’s already been contributed and polishing it up a little.

That’s a pretty accurate description. These are some of the songs I’ve recorded for the Cartel. (Many of them are co-written with other Cartel luminaries such as Jacob Haller, Matt McIrvin or the redoubtable Talysman the Ur-Beatle.)

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