Operation Gettin’ Down

Operation Gettin' DownThe second Drowsy “release” (remember, people, we’re talkin’ ’bout home-burnt CDs passed around friends here, it ain’t BMG) was made up of stuff I’d recorded in 2000 and 2001, augmented in several places by Kevin McFerran‘s loops and with occasional appearances from other Drowsies. It’s a bunch of experiments in various styles, some of which are more successful than others; there’s a definite upswing in recording quality, but I don’t know that the songs stand up as well as the first disc. It does, however, mark the first appearance of the extremely wrong ballad that went on to become a worldwide hit for boy-band sensation 5 WAYZ, “Senseless”.

Operation Gettin’ Down was successfully executed at Bar 303 in February, 2002. The stage-band Drowsies were all in attendance, augmented by players as far-flung as guitarist Johnny Watson, trombonist Jason Cleeland, backing vocals from Mike McLeish, Jane Bodie and others, funky Rhodes from fright-wigged Andrew Ogburn and much more. ‘Twas good fun.

Here’s them original demo recordings. The usual disclaimers apply!
01) Doofus (A Drowsy Revelation)
02) Seven Of Nine
03) Senseless
04) Not Out!
05) Meat Pie
06) Unsure
07) Operation Gettin’ Down
08) Hunting The Governess
09) The Couple That Wouldn’t Stop

and of course let’s not forget those pesky bonus tracks

10) Put Yourself In My Place
11) Stinkbomb
12) Mister Misconstrue