Come With Me (If You Want To Live)

As the unstoppable killing machine from the future closes in on Mary – hark! what’s that light? It’s her white-suited saviour, Gabriel, sent back from the future to protect and warn her, and to get his groove on. Essayed in the 2010/11 productions by the angelically funky Mike McLeish.

Come With Me (If You Want To Live)

Well it’s Gabriel, maybe you can tell
I’m here to save ya
Your cosmic friend, and I can recommend
The smart behaviour
It’s not my place to fly down and uproot ya –
That doesn’t mean you can’t conceive
That a killer metal robot from the future
Is a cue for you to leave

Yes I’m Gabriel, and if you must rebel
I won’t debate ya
But that man-machine has a subroutine
To terminate ya
I know it seems like lunatic conjecture
I can’t expect you to comply
But either way it’s tricky to protect ya
When you just lie there and cry
(You got to try!)

Come with me, if you want to live
And we can survive
We can crash that robot’s drive
Come with me, and I’ll show you how
He’s a psycho transistor –
I can only assist ya
If we hasta la vista right now.

You seem unsure, and like I said before
I understand it
I came back in time to avert this crime
And I just landed
’Cos Mary, there’s a life that grows inside you
Although you’ve never known a man
If that Holy Spirit wants to ride you,
honey, heaven knows it can

Come save your skin, and the child within
the Lord has sent ya
Just get thee hence, sugar where’s your sense
Of adventure?
I know it’s quite the blunt Annunciation
You don’t have that much time to pack
But if you ever wanna see your baby’s face, you
better bail and don’t look back!
(Don’t look back!)

Come with me, if you want to live
We can run and hide
Let the starlight be our guide
Come with me, and I’ll show you how
This computer is scary
So let’s head for the prairie
I’ll look after you, Mary, I vow:
He’s a psycho transistor
But I swear I’ll assist ya
Let’s hasta la vista right now.

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