Mister Sandman


Just because the bombs stopped falling
Doesn’t mean it’s under control
If you’re gonna call it peacetime
Shouldn’t I be out of this hole?
I can wear a smile with the best of them,
keep abreast of them, I’m okay
The bristling bark of my day
is keeping the darkness at bay

But Mister Sandman brings me to tears
Spends every evening parading my fears
Fills every pillow and sheet with my sweat
Bathes in the moments I long to forget
Mister Sandman, give it a rest
Don’t make me wake up so cold and distressed
I don’t want to dream anymore

I carved out a career of dangers
I made a trade of slipping the noose
Laughing at suburban strangers
Dishing out abuse, flapping ‘round loose
Now my soul is sore with the battleground
Now I rattle ‘round, down at heel
Illusion has lost its appeal
I truss myself up to the real

But Mister Sandman brings me undone
Calls off the ceasefire before it’s begun
Takes those emotions that are better denied
Shakes my foundations ‘til I can’t help but slide
Mister Sandman, bury my head
I draw the line at your disaster and dread
I don’t want to dream
I don’t want to dream
I don’t want to dream anymore.

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