They say at times the Earth’s inclined
more sharply on its axis
And that the moon controls our minds
by how it wanes and waxes
They say we’re all in helpless thrall
to planetary forces
that leave us locked into an orbit
of involuntary courses

But we wait another year
and each fatalistic fear
Is replaced by something new
Just as palpably untrue
So it’s comforting to know
You can celebrate the show
We can still find a way to escape

They say the military march
is getting ever louder
and that there’s never been a better
time to take a powder
that ev’ry crystal night is passing
closer to the awning
and an amusement park of glass
should harken to the warning

And we’ve taken it as read
that insanity would spread
Though it creeps in much too soon
we shall somehow prove immune
Let them come and lay their siege
We can scamper out of reach
We can still find a way to escape

Now for a time we may not be
the happiest of campers:
it takes a blind man not to see
the writing on the canvas.
But until each rope and beam
and mirror here is broken
I can be safe inside my dream –
and not to be awoken!

Ev’ry citizen or slave
Gravitating to the grave
Says my fantasy is through –
I reject their point of view!
I will never live and learn!
Let me fiddle while I burn!
We can still find a way (one more week, one more day)
We can still find…

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