Johnny was a wonderful swimmer
Then he caught a glimmer
Of something he wanted more
A medal of a different colour
So Mister Weismuller
Struck out for a distant shore.

He went to Hollywood – so hard to succeed –
But if he’d been too timid to jump in and swim
he’d have never got out in the lead…
They told him a turn was a tumble,
Now Johnny’s a jungle king!
Put it all on the line, grab hold of the vine and swing!

People are not always so clever –
out of fear of the ‘whether’,
they tether themselves to cement.
People – you may find yourselves hurtin’ –
disconcertingly certain,
and certainly discontent.

Your head gets heavier with dread and despair.
Life is more splendid with worry suspended
on everything up in the air…
Gravity grabs at the ankles
Of the wickedest witch on the wing,
If you’d try to defy it and fly way up high, just swing!

You got to surrender some
To the end of the pendulum
You got to let it flow
Lock on to a perfect pitch
At the end of a rolling hitch
And don’t you ever let go…

Of course it’s dangerous – so easy to fall –
But if the route you’re pursuin’ can’t lead to your ruin
It’s hardly worth doin’ at all…
Chance is where the heart of romance is
The fortune that fortune can bring
Hook the trapeze up under your knees, and swing!

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