Destination Anywhere


I was Belgium-born in a country town
To a good strong farmin’ family
And we work from dawn ‘til the sun goes down
And we thank the Lord for our prosperity
I know what to do when I find my man
I’ll support his burgeoning career
Raise a kid or two, it’s a perfect plan!
Get me the fuck out of here.

In the sunburned minds of my neighbourhood
There’s a list of roles I’m fit to play
If I read their lines like a good girl should
Then I might as well just blow myself away.
I’d be ironed flat by an inbred rube
Washin’ clothes, cookin’ dinner, fetchin’ beer
As a squirming brat chomps and chews my boob
Get me the fuck out of here.

For that’s too small a prize to keep my eyes on
When to my mind the world is oh so big
I wanna set my sights on the horizon
So tell me who I blow to book the gig!

Though my will is strong and I have my pride
Still a girl alone’s been known to disappear
So let me tag along, let me hitch a ride
Get me the fuck out of here.
Get me the fuck out of here.

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