The ABC Of Love

Novelty song alert! This is fun to play, though; it’s a very straightforward 12-bar blues style, apart from the midsection which is, um, a 32-bar blues form. I was pretty happy with getting it all in there, though X is a bit of a cheat (“affexion”?) This was another of Aurora’s songs from “Evening“, and she teased it out very nicely indeed. The rather less attractive lead vocal on this recording is nonetheless infinitely preferable to the chipmunk pitch-shifted one I sent to her. Heh!

The ABC Of Love

Gentlemen, I hate to see you flail about
I can’t be sure you’re ever gonna work it out
without a little intervention (a little intervention)
so here’s a little intervention (a little intervention)
I’m gonna try to teach you all the ABC of love

Gentlemen, you look as if you need a clue
It’s not about the benefits of Channel Two
It’s just a little intervention (a little intervention)
But you better pay attention! ( [loosely – yeah, yeah, get on with it]
you’re gonna try to teach us all the ABC of love)

I said hey, you funny fellow, be prepared to mellow
and see a different point of view
Decently deflate your ego, and your nature’s effortlessly born anew
Gee, I know it’s hard, you hate your lower guard
and I can see the pain inside
But a jaded supplication plays hell with your persuasion
by emphasising all you hide
Energise your senses, override defenses,
people, you’ll be flying high
Cupid’s on the wing and arcin’ up the singin’, escalating through the sky
Teach yourself to open and you can get to hopin’
that Venus gonna come on strong
When you double your affection and widen your connection
as educated by this song

Boys, I hope you took the time to get that down
Or do I need to take another turn around
my little intervention (a little intervention)
Where’s your powers of retention? (we didn’t pay attention)
I tried to tell you somethin’ bout the ABC of love

So that’s my little intervention (little intervention)
And you didn’t pay attention (we didn’t pay attention)
I guess you’ll never know about the ABC of love.

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