Top Of The Evening

Apologies for the excruciating sped-up voice for the female part! “Evening” was really my first experience of writing for a female vocalist (Aurora Kurth), and while I don’t much like it when a songwriter sings an octave down to indicate a part, in retrospect it’s probably a better flavour than Chipmunk-On-Steroids. This was a co-write with the very talented Iain Grandage.

Top Of The Evening

sing a song for the top of the evening
when the business of business is done
and the suits and cigars spill from alleyway bars
in the pink fickle flush of the sun
sing a song for the top of the evening
when you’re perched on that happy plateau
all the promise and dread in the darkness ahead
and the city lights spread out below

for the evening you’ve planned may expand out of hand
and the gods will determine our fate
just as Connex postpones and the traveller groans
on their own loco motives we wait
the demands of the day are receding
now the must must give way to the might
we stand at the top of the evening
ready to glide into the night

now when I’m going out for the evening
it’s a highly considered affair
for my skin can’t be shown in its natural tone
and conditions apply to my hair
so I’d rather be holding my horses
than go galloping out of the gate
let me show my contempt
for the prompt and unkempt
and be fractionally, fashionably late.

yes, I might be too slow for the start of the show
but you won’t need to spare me no blush
and a fool dashes out where an angel will shout
“give me five minutes more with a brush”.
for Australia’s a sweet land of freedom
and its citizens still have the right
to stand at the top of the evening
looking like dynamite.

so when I’m going out for the evening
I pick out my favourite shirt

so no matter which creed you believe in
it’s still a bewitching delight
to stand at the top of the evening
letting your life take flight,
looking like dynamite,
ready to glide into the night.

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  1. Ashley (35 year old male) says:

    I had never heard this song. I was replying to a friend via email who had bid me good evening. In return, I replied, “Top-of-the-evening to you as well.” For no other purpose, I looked on Google to see if people actually use that as a phrase, just to know for sure, and what it may have meant. Instead, I found something 100 times better. I really enjoyed listening to this song. I’m a musician, so I could hear where his chords and melody were going so, I had a chance to actually sing along the first time I heard. It is a truly, amazing piece of work. Thanks.

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