The Book

Hallelujah! This song may make absolutely no sense to you whatsoever; it barely makes sense to me. It’s the second song from Northcote Country Soul, and introduces the theme that ran like a very very very tenuous thread through that show: it’s a paean to Melbourne’s beautiful, simple, classic street directory, the Melways.

The B12 square on Map 30, incidentally, is the location of the Store Room, where the show was presented in 2002.

The Book

Once upon a time I was a traveller
Once upon a time I fell astray
I was searching for a treasure-chest of harmony and pleasure,
but the cosmos had my measure and I couldn’t find my way,
I was lost! Lost! I knew that I was lost,
confronted by each avenue I took;
but in my disorientation I was lookin’ for salvation
and I found that sweet salvation in the Book.

Now, some of you tonight are looking nervous
I can see a little wildness in your eyes
“I didn’t pay this money for a show I thought was funny
just to hear some chubby Jesus freak proselytise”,
but you’re wrong! Wrong! Admit that you were wrong!
Forgive me, but your attitude is crook!
Though the Lord has my affection, and He’s worthy of reflection,
you can only find direction in the Book.

    Every line has a path to take,
    you could say it’s a way to go.
    You’re defined by the choice you make,
    and if you don’t like the high road
       you can always take the low

So forget about your high-priced education!
Forget about your who, what, when and why!
Forget about your wishin’ and your hokey superstition,
on the thirtieth edition you can testify,
‘cos we’re here! Here! All of us are here,
map 30 at B12, just take a look!
So don’t wallow in self-pity, just take heed of this here ditty,
‘cos the key to this fair city is the Book!

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