Social Insecurity

This could well serve as the legal definition of a “throwaway”, a quick 12-bar rockabilly number. I think the best version of it was the one that the first Drowsies gathering recorded in 1999, with a powerful groove from Ross, Kev and Cam, and my sister Lisa subbing in on background vocals.

Social Insecurity

 I’ve been known to stumble
I’ve been known to blush
Things I didn’t mean to say all come out in a rush
I’ve got good intentions, but something’s wrong with me
I’ve got a big bad dose of that social insecurity

Why did you invite me?
Why’d I even come?
My anecdotes are dopey and everything I say is dumb
You’d better keep your distance from this calamity
Don’t you ever get too close to this social insecurity

Everyone looks handsome, dapper debonair
And here I am in tracksuit pants with too much facial hair
Give me some compassion, I’m just fashion debris
Pick apart the threads of my social insecurity

Halfway through the entrée I’m looking to dessert
And though I’m feelin’ hip the dip is dripping on my shirt
Call the welfare office, put in a word for me
‘Cos I’m paying for my time
Yes I’m paying for my time
You’ve got to give me an allowance for my social insecurity

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