In The Dark


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I grew up in Greensborough
when everything closed at nine
Shopping malls would seal their doors
and deluminate their signs
Leaving concrete and a cold street
and a circle of us in the park
Chugging warm fruity lexia
from a cask in the dark

Nowadays it’s quite the craze
to live in the heart of town
City lights and noisy nights
that wind themselves up and down
There’s no rampage in this outrage,
the reporting is wide of the mark;
it’s refugees from suburbia
getting lost in the dark

And they shout out loud
Ring out like the angriest tram
Bearing down like a battering ram
Look around, look at me, here I am
I can feel their pain
The hell in their hullabaloo
They can’t tell what they’re stumbling through
Just like me, re: you

Ignorance was blissful once
My ego was home and hosed
Now I find I’m deaf and blind
And dumber than I’d supposed
My obtuseness leaves me useless
I’m a walking question-mark
Just a guy, quite suggestible,
spinning round in the dark
Just a fool of the festival
getting lost in the dark

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