Operation Gettin’ Down

The title track from the 2002 release. We’d just had Operation, um, Desert Shield or something (you kinda lose track nowadays, you know?), and it seemed in keeping with the theme of the album to go looking for a completely different kind of “action”. It’s pretty stupid, but.

* Oh, and “helmet” should quite clearly be “rifle”. I remember I chose not to do it because of the metaphorical confusion between a rifle and a penis, which now makes me think (a) that’s a reason for using it, to differentiate between the two – smash the warmongers’ evil web of associations! – but also (b) just calm down, Casey, it’s a stupid song anyways. Not to mention (c) glad to see you avoided any such problem with your replacement word of ‘helmet’, dufus.

Operation Gettin' Down

Now I’ve never said this to someone unknown
But I’ve gotta blow my cover, I’m outnumbered and alone
It’s a military action, and we need to take the town

And I don’t need no helmet*, I don’t need no vest,
but I need your help to stifle some regional unrest
Won’t you be my Commander-In-Chief of Operation Gettin’ Down?

I don’t mean to scare you, I mean you no harm
I’m reasonable and rational and totally disarmed
You even stunned me with your smile so I don’t wanna feel your frown

But it’s a life-or-death mission over difficult terrain
From my heart to your heart to my heart to my brain
Won’t you be my Commander-In-Chief of Operation Gettin’ Down?

    It’s a classified manoeuvre
    In civilian attire
    We could synchronise our watches
    We could exchange some friendly fire

Well, I’ve studied the layout for most of the night
And if a million (admittedly unlikely) things went right
We could capture all the colours of the wind, and we could paint the town
But I need your permission to launch an attack
To go undercover and never go back
Won’t you be my Commander-In-Chief of Operation Gettin’ Down?

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