The Couple That Wouldn’t Stop

This one closed the official part of Operation Gettin’ Down (there were a couple of bonus hidden tracks) and I guess it’s slightly different to most of the other tracks in that it’s actually about sex, and not a sex metaphor involving a pie or a cyborg or a military code name. The other difference, of course, is that it goes for about twenty-seven years… one can’t help but envy their stamina.


The Couple That Wouldn't Stop

She caught the morning train from Eltham
He must have done the same
And though he sat right down beside her
She never thought to ask his name
So they knew nothing of each other
And so it took them by surprise
To find their destiny foretold
    Underlined and bold
Written in each others’ eyes

By the time they got to Westgarth
They were locked in an embrace
Flying higher than convention
With no regard for time or place
And though they knew it was immoral
And illegal and insane
They stripped each other down
    As they both went underground
And started fucking on the train

They were the couple that wouldn’t stop fucking
And that was how it all began
He was just the perfect man for the woman
She was just the perfect woman for the man

They had their rhythm by Museum
They kept that legendary beat
Spilling out onto the platform
Escalating to the street
And as they stumbled onto Swanston
All of Melbourne got a taste
Every eye that saw them popped
    and all the traffic stopped
At her legs around his waist

They were the couple that wouldn’t stop fucking
And though it was officially obscene
No one came down harder than she could
Or intervened like he could intervene

    They’re gettin’ it on for so long…

The law declared them both a hazard
After a week or two had gone
They said “We must protect the children,
and other business must go on.”
But it was handled with discretion
They were bundled onto a bed
Tucked into a divvy van
    And chucked into the can
Just for fucking with our heads

And the couple that wouldn’t stop fucking
Went thrusting down into the cell
And the bloodless superintendent
Says prison has broken the spell
But the couple that wouldn’t stop fucking
Don’t care what the law will allow
They only believe in each other
And they’re still fucking now.

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