AdCab II: The Five Night Stand

Thanks to all of those dancin’ punters who came along to boogie with the Drowsies on their five-night stand in Adelaide. By gum, lo and verily, though by Sunday we (most particularly I) were stumblers in the dark church of funky fun, yet still we enjoyed gettin’ down with each and every one of you.

Highlights included Enio Pozzebon’s non-KEATING! debut on Drowsy lead
vocal, with "That Ol’ Black Magic"; a full set of Beatles covers
twisted into strange new shapes, including the swingin’ funk that once
was "Eleanor Rigby", the deep skankin’ groove of "I’m Only Sleeping"
and the even deeper Barry White-style "And I Love Her"
("loooooooooooooove her…"); the wond’rous Michaelangelo bringing the
authentic accordion to "Let’s Dance", tango style; the
possibly-a-little-intoxicated Ezekiel Ox storming the stage on Sunday
night and putting the rauc back into raucous; and Casey’s voice not
completely caving into a black hole as seemed likely from the first
night. A special shout-out to the man on the skins – making his Drowsy
debut with elan and panache, Mister Benjamin Hendry – and double cheers
to the industrious Ross McFerran and the aforementioned Ben Hendry, for
working like Trojans (the people, not the condoms) for large slabs of
every day on Eddie Perfect’s "Warne" workshop and still frontin’ up and
lockin’ it down every night in the Kool Kat Club. Yeaaaaah!

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