Lineup Changes Continue

MELBOURNE, September 26 – Following the recruitment of Dante Pozzebon
to the role of Drowsy Drivers keyboardist, talent scouts have uncovered
another prodigy: one-day-old Imogen McFerran will now join the popular
troupe for live performances. Surprisingly, she will not supplant
father Kevin on drums – apparently, that role is earmarked for son Liam
McFerran, who has been trained for it since conception – but will
instead replace Cam Rogers on bass.


"Well, I can’t say I wasn’t expecting it," confided Rogers, "but it
still hurts. After so long in the game – you think it counts for
something – and then these fresh-faced kids come up… It’s a big pill
to get over."

Mother, father, brother and child are doing well. For more pictures of plucky young Imogen, click here. – [ ]

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